PixelArch Ltd | “Glimmer of hope” as studios in China reopen after coronavirus shutdown

“Glimmer of hope” as studios in China reopen after coronavirus shutdown

As China recorded its first day with no new coronavirus cases, architecture and design studios in the country have said they are gradually returning to normality.

“It’s a tough and challenging time, however, our colleagues in Hong Kong are back in the office and our stores in Hangzhou and Hong Kong have reopened,” said London-based designer Tom Dixon.

“This news has provided us here with a small glimmer of hope that our collective problems have an end and this difficult moment has a time limit.”

“The condition in China is improving quickly, a positive sign that Europe and other parts of world can get through it too,” said Zhexu Du, architect at the Shanghai office of David Chipperfield.

“The market is slowly picking up again in China”

China’s strict quarantine measures, enforced following its coronavirus outbreak, are now being relaxed.

All but two of the 1,119 highway entrances and exits that were closed during the outbreak have reopened, and the temporary coronavirus hospitals that China quickly constructed in response to the outbreak are being closed.

“In Shanghai, the city is gradually back to its normal pace, shops have reopened, and traffic gets jammed again,” Chinese designer Chen Min, founder of Chen Min Office, told Dezeen.

“The situation in Hubei province is still serious and under lockdown but everywhere else we are seeing restaurants, bars, and events opening,” said Alex Mok, co-founder of Shanghai interior design studio Linehouse.

Carolyn Leung, Ben de Lange and Ruben Bergambagt, co-founders of Beijing studio Superimpose Architecture, told Dezeen they were cautiously optimistic.

“This is difficult to say and to predict, but we feel that the market is slowly picking up again in China,” they said.

“In general, everybody is extremely cautious and careful, and this will take a while to disappear. There is an urge for the market to resume back to its normal state as soon as possible.”

David Basulto, founder and editor-in-chief of website ArchDaily, explained how the situation had improved at its office in China.

“We’re learning a lot from the China situation,” he said. “Our office there went through this since January. Now they are getting back to normal, which in a way gives me perspective to understand that it’s like a wave.”

“Our industry got halted because of the cancellation of all the shows,” he continued. “Everyone is still at their home office until 24 March but now shops are opening, people are going back to work.”


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